zaterdag 29 januari 2011

Torment - Pain Is Transient, Failure Forever

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Torment RP 3

Torment (Bel) is a band that has always been pushing the boundaries of death metal, forward that is, instead of back. Their debut ,,Forgive the Ignorant’’ already showed us their massive songwriting skills and mixed up bludgeoning death metal with lashings of atmospheric passages and well-placed deviations into territory not often explored in this genre. Lyrically they dealt with insanity, philosophy and introspective melancholy on a level seldom seen ( read ? ) before. And now they’re back…

On this album ,,Pain Is Transient, Failure Forever’’, again there are no boundaries for Torment. Lyrically they moved, a bit, to frustration, humiliation and deception turning into hatred, while the atmosphere and layers in the Music reminds more of Emperors mighty ,,Anthems…’’ then your average guttural pukefest.

Compared to the debut overall the tempo went down a bit, but we all know, last since Morbid Angels ,,Blessed are the Sick’’ that building up an album through excellent songwriting, variation, and a fair amount of monster riffs adds more to heaviness then just another blastbeat; not that there aren’t any by the way. The industrial feel of the interludes are even more refined and show the band is not restrained or limited in any way, most certainly not by the Genre. What didn’t change is the fact that, and might I guote ,, there is always a hulking behemoth of a riff lurking behind the corner, ready to smash a hole in your skull and fuck your jellied brain’’.

Throughout this all we are guided by the excellent vocals of Mr. Vandendriessche who, once again, delivers and proves to be up there, amongst few.

Video You Mean Nothing

TORMENT-You Mean Nothing from Jens Decaluwé on Vimeo.

Video Infinite Black

TORMENT-Infinite Black from Jens Decaluwé on Vimeo.

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